Monday, May 21, 2012

Uh... Hey

Well, I have not actually dropped off the face of the earth and yes, I'm still alive. Hard to believe given the fact that I haven't posted in over a year but hey, let's face it- I'm a pretty lazy person who doesn't feel like her life is too terribly thrilling.

But just in case you were wondering, here's a quick recap of some of the highlights of the past year.
 HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2!!! Went with Rachel to the midnight showing down in Idaho Falls, and ended up getting all kinds of lost. We didn't get home til after 4, and I just about ran us off the road from falling asleep at the wheel- totally worth it!

 We celebrated Jamie's birthday! Koko made her cake (if you can't guess the inspiration behind it, we probably shouldn't be friends... just sayin'), and then we proceeded to blindfold her and head down to...

  Portland! We went to Powell's Books which is the biggest and cheapest bookstore I've ever seen in my life. Oh, and a word of caution to anyone who uses any form of technology to give you directions- don't listen to it. It will tell you to turn down a one-way street THE WRONG WAY, and being a completely trusting individual, you will believe it (I obviously did not learn from Dwight's mistake).


 I had the chance to visit my Grandpa in September, before my Dad dropped me off in good ol' Rexburg for another semester of school. That was the last time I got to see him because unfortunately for those of us still here in this life, he left us to be with my Grandma. I love you guys!

 Mud Mayhem- just an excuse to get really dirty and feel like you're 5 years old again.

This should definitely not come as a shock to anyone. When there is an opportunity to involve Harry Potter, I just can't pass it up.

 Yeah. I realize this was Halloween, but I don't really remember why we got all jazzed up. Pretty sure we just ended up at Broulim's to buy ice cream.

 Uh... yeah. We're not the most normal of people, but thank goodness we're not alone in the world. By the way, does Rissa's expression remind anyone else of a rabid llama? Anybody?

We wore ugly sweaters. This is the day I got back from school for my off-track and we were so terribly excited we threw them on right away. And had a Nerf gun war.

 And we bought hipster glasses. That are actually reading glasses that we don't need, but got them anyway to look just like all the cool kids.We're so hip.

 Anyone recall the Great Migration (Snowpocalypse) from 2008? We had a repeat this year- Snowmageddon 2012.
Surprise! Koko, Jamie, Nicole and I headed back out to Forks! Seriously, if anyone has the desire to venture out there, eat at Sully's. Good stuff.

And, of course, we rode the ferries! Never gets old.

 Does this look familiar? If you have not been here and you live anywhere near the Puget Sound, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not really, but you NEED to stop in and get one of their double scoop waffle cones. First off, it's a waffle cone- do it. Second, you get about a quart of ice cream because what they deem a "scoop" is absolutely HUGE. Go here.

 My cat learned how to wink?

 Rachel and I really love making sweets. We are also pretty impatient when it comes to said sweets. Which is why we just dump our cookies on the table and eat the crumbles instead of scooping them off the cookie sheet. Takes way too long.

 Did I mention we love anything sweet? Kiwi Loco- self serve frozen yogurt that you can actually have delivered. Because yes, we are that lazy and love it that much.

 We made a goal to make one "fancy" meal a week. Our definition of fancy- pretty much any meal that you use a crock pot for.

And after all that catching up and seeing all the new stuff that happened in my life, here's what never really changes- my love of all things Harry Potter. Also, I now have The Hunger Games posters to add to my ever-growing poster collection.

Now for some more recent news- surprise! Danica got called as a Relief Society teacher for her ward! Too bad public speaking is hands down my biggest fear. I teach my very first lesson this Sunday, AND I've been asked to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting. What? Seems like lately life's been playing a huge joke on me. Can't say I'm a fan at the moment, but we'll see how it turns out.

And hey! Maybe I'll actually update within a year this time, who knows.

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