Friday, September 24, 2010

You've Got Mail!

So I got an email today on my university email saying that I had a package waiting for me at the auxiliary services building. So we set out on an epic journey to find this mysterious, yet to be seen building. Come to find out it's in the middle of nowhere. So we get there and the lady brings my package to me, and it's HUGE. Okay, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But it was still big. And it was from my DQ friends, Grim-Graham, Koko, and Shnookums! Yes! Then I've gotta lug this thing back to the dorm, which isn't too close, but it was all good because I got a package from friends! I got in the door and got out my knife and cut right through that packing tape. Most random/awesome package ever! A coloring book with crayons, a vanilla candle that smells like a cupcake, a St. Louis sweater, a giant bag of Peanut M&M's, and a special kit that's for our knowing about only haha. So yeah, random but awesome! These are also the friends that bought me my dream bike for a going-away present. Yes, I am incredibly lucky. So that package pretty much just made my week. And I was having a pretty sucky week, so life is awesome now. I'm now loving life. Life is good. Now I just need to keep that in mind for when I think life sucks again...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Happens

So once upon a time, there was this girl who liked this guy. Mind you, this girl has liked this guy before, and he just liked one of her friends then. Anyway, back to the current story. This guy knows this girl likes him, and it's not weird at all. Everything's peachy. Then la-di-dah, one day this girl decides to find out who this guy likes, hoping it's herself. So she asks him. And it's not her. It's her friend. Shoot. Looking back, this girl should have realized this would happen, because it is the exact same situation she was in before, with the same guy. Turns out history really does repeat itself.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


You know how there are always times in life when things just suck, and you feel like a complete loser? Yeah, I'm having one of those times. And it royally sucks. So our whole dorm and a whole guys' apartment are friends, right (kind of my doing)? So all these guys plan a group date, and they all have dates to it. Three of those dates are my roommates. Can you guess who the loser is in this scenario? That's right, it's your's truly. Me. Suck. I mean I'm not a big date-lover, but still. Everyone is going except me. Saturday night, home alone. Science and scriptures, here I come.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guuurrrrrl, Please

So you know that life doesn't always go according to plan, right? Yeah, sometimes it sucks. For a week I've been living in Rexburg now, and everything was all sunshine and daisies, rainbows and butterflies. Then last night rolled around. So la-di-dah, I'm doing my homework, we have FHE and I continue to finish my homework. The clock strikes ten and, wahoo! I am done! I get up and look around and... nothing. I can't find my roommates anywhere. So I text my one of them. Apparently, they left and thought I knew about it, and that I was choosing to stay home or something. Miscommunication and whatnot. That assumption would be incorrect. Anyways, they come home and the situation gets blown way out of proportion. Seriously, it was crazy. Eventually we got it all simmered down, so everything is fine now. I just keep telling myself that, hey, sometimes things suck. They don't go the way you want them to, whatever. The important thing is that you make things right, and you put what happened in the past. And preferably leave it there. It may be hard, but I'm going to attempt to take my own advice on this one.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Requiescat In Pace

So I start my morning off by waking up over an hour late. On the road by 5:00? Nope... try 6:20. Anyway, I'm excited to be going off to Rexburg and my Dad is driving me down there. So about a quarter of the way there, Dad gets a phone call from my aunt and pulls off on the side of the highway. My grandma just passed away, and when I first heard, I was sobbing. But she passed peacefully in her sleep, with my grandpa near, for which I'm very grateful. I love my grandma and I'll miss her a lot. And yet even though I just found out today, I'm not terribly sad anymore. She's at peace and she lived a long life, and she was loved by everyone who knew her. She truly was a wonderful person, and knowing she's in peace is a comforting thought.

Tomorrow morning I move into my dorm, and I can't wait. I'm not sure anymore if it's that it hasn't hit me yet that I'll be gone from home for over three months, or if it's just that I'm ready to be on my own (partly), but I'm not that nervous. This is where I need to be and my nerves aren't attacking me the way they probably would have a year ago. I like to think that I've grown up a little in the past year. I mean, thinking of classes and the work involved instills a little worry, of course. But I'm not overwhelmed, which is a miracle in itself. So as it stands I've had a bit of a rough day, but nothing that's really broken me down. I know I'm where I need to be, and that my grandma is resting in a better place.