Saturday, September 18, 2010


You know how there are always times in life when things just suck, and you feel like a complete loser? Yeah, I'm having one of those times. And it royally sucks. So our whole dorm and a whole guys' apartment are friends, right (kind of my doing)? So all these guys plan a group date, and they all have dates to it. Three of those dates are my roommates. Can you guess who the loser is in this scenario? That's right, it's your's truly. Me. Suck. I mean I'm not a big date-lover, but still. Everyone is going except me. Saturday night, home alone. Science and scriptures, here I come.


  1. Who needs 'em? Homework is much more important! Personally, I don't have a social life here. Haha, so at least you have friends there!! :) Love ya, girl!