Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Whole New World

I have found out something incredible! Walking around the BYUI campus, I noticed that I looked a little out of place. Not a surprise, because I've always been a weirdy. That's me. But I saw that most girls always look really nice and put together. Everyday. And I'm typically the jeans and big t-shirt kinda kid. But then Rachel and I made an observation--those girls also all have cardigans. So I asked for birthday money early from my parents so I could go shopping and update my wardrobe. Part of that money was spent on some cardigans. So I wore them this week and what happened? Guys have come and sat down next to me, and talked to me (which, if you know me, never happens). I'm telling you, these cardigans have magical powers. They are magical.


  1. Dang it to heck! I wear cardigans all the time and they never work for me. Uggh. Lucky duck. :) I'm happy for you! Invite me to your wedding, please! :D

  2. You're crazy, woman! NO WAY am I getting married anytime soon! But of course, when the time comes (in the distant future), you will be the first person I invite:)