Friday, April 22, 2011

And So It Begins...

Man, has it been a while or what? So quick update: for those of you who didn't know, I went home for Winter Semester and am now back on the BYUI campus for the Spring. I worked while I was at home (back at the Queen, of course), and read millions of books (that could possibly be an exaggeration). Now I am determined to change my academic habits because to be quite honest, I found myself lacking any after reflecting on my time here previously.

I had a party/road trip here with a friend which took over 12 hours... Not the most comfortable experience physically, considering I don't have cruise control on my car. At least I got a calf workout for my right leg out of it? And, yes! I do have my car this semester, and thank heavens for that. I got here last Thursday night and moved into my apartment first thing Friday morning. That afternoon my roommate Rachel showed up, and we pretty much partied all weekend because apparently our other roommates wanted as much time away from us as possible. Actually I have no idea why they didn't come earlier, but Rachel and I had a crazy fun time anyway.

So Tuesday rolled around and BAM! Back to classes I go. Funny thing is, it feels like I never left. I've only been here a week and it doesn't seem like I ever went back home. Crazy. Anyway, compared to last semester, I have zero social life. I pretty much wake up at 5 am, go to classes, get home and study. That's it. Oh, and I eat, of course. Duh, it's me. After classes everyday Rachel and I hole up in our room and spend the day doing homework, laughing and mocking each other, doing some more homework, laughing and mocking various other people, and doing even more homework. One thing's for certain, at least--I'll have the best grades I've ever had in my life. Well, hopefully... I guess there really is no certainty when it comes to how well I do in school.

Now after my next class, it's the weekend, and I have absolutely nothing to do. What's even weirder--I don't mind at all. I enjoy my new apartment and having all my work done. It's kind of like when you're exercising, I've come to find out: though the thought of it isn't too appealing, once it's done you feel amazing. So we'll see how long this promptness in regards to homework continues for.

I do believe I've caught you up on everything. If not, I'm sure I may post again sometime in the distant future. I'm just as crazy and awkward as ever, and I'm looking forward to improving in time management and work ethic over the next few months.

I wonder if anyone ever looks up random people's blogs and reads them... If there's anyone random reading this that I don't know and have never met, I would just like to let you know you're a creep. And 'creep' happens to be one of my favorite words at the moment, along with 'clever.' No way is it because I like creepy people. I just like identifying the creeps out there. There are a whole lot more than you think there are, if you actively seek them out of a crowd. Hmm... I think I actually might qualify as a creep because I creep on people to see if they in turn are creepy...


  1. Hahaha. This makes me laugh. I hope your schoolwork keeps going well. Social life is lame anyway. Haha! If you're a creep, then I'm a creep too.