Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bitter Isn't Better

I used to get easily offended. Incredibly so, as a matter of fact. And I've been a lot better over the past year, but it's not easy sometimes. And I feel like it's been a lot harder since I've been here in Rexburg and I've been letting things get to me too much lately especially. So I have decided that I'm going to get better at just letting things go and not taking them seriously because it's seriously no fun always being mad or upset. It actually sucks. And I need to develop this habit not only for myself, but also for everyone else's sakes. And now that it's officially written for the world to see, I need to be held to this. So if you find me taking offense and being really bitter, just tell me bitter isn't better.


  1. Will do, woman. I'm proud of you for making this decision! Every minute of anger is another 60 seconds of happiness lost!