Saturday, November 13, 2010

Frost Bites Back

So last night one of my friends had a Frisbee game, so Rachel and I made our way over to it. We get there and--there's still snow covering the field. And I'm in converse. Not sure if you know this, but converse have absolutely no insulating capability. At all. Usually the games are only an hour and ten minutes (I think), but of course last night they played until 13 points. So the game went for two hours. Rachel and I had the hardest time walking home afterward. Our feet were so cold they were aching terribly. Then once we got home, it was painful to get my cursed shoes off. I was surprised to find my feet were still attached to my body.

Oh and my Mama called me last night to tell me of how the weather is supposed to be like on Thanksgiving Break. One day she told me of the high is 28 and the low is -5. SINCE WHEN IS MARYSVILLE THAT COLD?? It's ridiculous. AND it's supposed to snow both here and there the day I ride back to Washington with my friends. So I might make it back home if we don't get stuck in a blizzard and freeze to death, or slide off the mountain pass or something. That would be my luck.

I sent some letters out that I should have sent awhile back. I kind of suck at the sending of letters... I write replies the day I get the letter, but I don't actually end up sending the letter till way later. Shoot. My Bad.

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