Saturday, November 6, 2010

Once Upon Last Night...

We got coupons to Sammy's that were buy one pie shake, get one free. There were four of us. And for some reason we decided it would be a fantastic idea to each get two. Four people, eight shakes. Just a heads up, that is a very bad idea. I have never felt so sick. I hate vomit, I hate to vomit, I hate just about everything that has to do with vomit. But last night I would have gladly welcomed some if it had made me feel any better. Talk about one of the worst ideas we've ever had.

Before that we played Capture the Flag in the gardens with a ton of people. Not really that exciting because no one knew who was on what team, and there were just too many people. But we made the best of it. And it was pretty cold out, so they had hot chocolate set out for anyone that wanted any. So Rachel and I go to get some because at this point I can no longer feel my toes, and we meet this guy. Jake. The most arrogant jerk I have ever met. Good thing Rachel and I were together. She talked to him and tried to make the best of it and be nice, whereas I stood there just sipping my hot cocoa so I wouldn't say something I shouldn't. Can you say annoying? Blegh he just kept going on and on about how he's from Southern California and how California is the best state and there's no competition. Obnoxious.

But after that and after Sammy's we went back to the gardens with just us and a few new friends to play sardines. Way fun! And we're going back tonight after Stake Conference to have some more great times.

Shoot, did I mention yet that we saw JESUS at Sammy's?! Seriously, this guy looked more like him than anyone I've ever seen. Ever.

The End

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